White Beaded Collar
White Beaded Collar
Item#: White Beaded Collar

Beautiful handmade white beaded collar - including pearls, sequins and other beads...it ties in the front and has a clasp to hook... this collar can be worn both frontways and backways...

this white beaded collar is perfect for a Wedding Accessory...for the Bride or Mother of the Bride

this is a fabulous accessory...it will instantly change any outfit - you can wear it over a jacket, over a dress, blouse...casual or very dressy...it is perfect for traveling...just put it in a plastic bag and you are good to go and can change any outfit immediately...it also can give a very feminine neckline with cleavage...

...for those that are very thin, this can also be worn as a belt

great for performers, dancers and/or for a costume

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