Studded Black Leather Shorts SOLD
Studded Black Leather Shorts  SOLD
Studded Black Leather Shorts  SOLD
Item#: Blk Stud Leather Shorts R Bx B

One-of-a-kind 'Designs In Skin' Studded Black Leather Shorts
Beautiful Lining...the softest black leather
Size 28

Waist line, side pockets and leg bottoms are all studded with silver metal studs
Unique silver button and zipper front

...the label is: 'Designs in Skin' Los Angeles, California
the label simply says: 28   SOLD

I measured them and this is what I found:

...measuring across the back is 13" with a little V cutout for a little give at the back waistline...if you double that, it is @ 26", however the label does say 28 and there is that give from the V; also the leather is so soft there is some give

...there is a 6" front zipper with a beautiful engraved silver button
...measuring across the back at the hip is @ 16" across, so I would estimate @ 32" when doubled is 12" from the waist to the leg bottom studs for length is 11" across the ifront inner leg to outside leg at each thigh/leg bottom, each leg is about 23" around
These shorts are extremely well made

Perfect for a performer, singer, dancer or rocker, them...

Plus Shipping Charge: $ 20.00

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